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Ok, as you may be able to tell, I spend a large amount of my time on the computer. Usually, I'm surfing the web or some other seemlessly pointless activity, but most of it has meaning. I spend some of my time developing for the phpBB Group which my current project is phpBB2, the latest version of our PHP-based forum software. It has undergone a complete rewrite of the code. It's more powerful, feature-filled, and stable than our previous version. I came in late on the development, although I have been watching it since last summer. I joined the phpBB Group around September of 2001, and have been doing bug fixes for phpBB2 as well as writing new code for the admin panel sections. Overall, the system is quite beautiful. If you have any phpBB-related questions, I ask that you email me at dougk_ff7 at This has the same anti-spam protection as my e-mail address in the footer, just remove the "at" and replace it with @. Also note that I am unable to provide email support for phpBB, however I will answer some questions about the software for you. Well, support emails sometimes are answered, it's just dependant on the mood I'm in. The phpBB Group as a rule does not provide email support, and we ask that you visit our support forums for that. Sometimes, I can troubleshoot minor problems, though. If you send a support email, don't expect it to get a response, you will probably get a faster response through our forums. Otherwise, I read my email several times a day, so good luck! I'm also good at helping out with general PHP problems, or maybe computer problems in general

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