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As I explained in Projects, I enjoy PHP programming. I've been doing work on phpBB. I also am going to start computer technician certification sometime, I just don't know when. I know I should, but I have to find time, first. As always, I'm involved in school, although there aren't any major projects going on there. I'm also into electronics, and thinking of designing some new sound equipment. I'm also big on sound. I have my little sound system in my room that is loud, but not wonderful. It has some problems with low frequencies, but otherwise it is fine. Some cheap RadioShack 40-Watt speakers and an old RadioShack Amplifier and Tuner. I found the amplifier and tuner at my grandfathers; he used it, but was no longer using it. I also use another RadioShack item, an Optimus SSM-50 mixer, to connect my computer (PowerBook G3 400Mhz, FireWire) and CD player (some portable player, I don't know). I want some better equipment, but at the moment, I cannot afford it. Some day, once I get this new design ready, I'll really have a good system. I shall give you a hint of what my new device will be, it's for remixing, for which I have a growing interest. I have yet to complete a remix, but when I do, I'll let you know [and post it here]. See ya!

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