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-Doug (4/21/2004)

Ok, I don't have very much time for an update right now, but new site isn't progressing yet (haven't even come up with a new design), but I'm still planning on fixing it, and even have a new one I want to launch soon (hint-hint). Anyway, winter storms are expected in our area once again, so there's a very good chance I'll have power outages, meaning this site and the rest of my stuff will go offline. You would have thought KCPL would have learned years ago that it's not a good idea to have overhead lines here. Weather is way too variable. Anyway, if I do disappear, I'll be back eventually. This could be a good thing, too. This current layout was created during a power outage, you know....

-Doug (1/25/2004)

Almost one more year has elapsed since I've even touched this site... and I feel I've become lazy in my maintenance. Anyway, it's almost time for a new layout (this was done while I was more or less without internet access), and it's become somewhat stale, although it still holds value to me. Perhaps there will be a new site soon, with a new backend to match. To update what I'm doing, I'm officially resigned from phpBB (I just haven't done anything in ages, so I have been moved to the "past contributor" group), but I'm still working with Freenode, and at the same time, enjoying working with Anime-Kraze, doing both QC and some scripting stuff. It's very different from the other things I've done. That's enough for now, I think, and if we see a new layout in the future, all the better. Thanks!

-Doug (1/1/04)

Wow, it's been well over a year since I've even updated this site... I suppose I've been fairly busy with school, phpBB (although I haven't done as much these days, and I hope to do more in a little), and Affero (see here), and also freenode. I am writing this for a purpose, and although I realize my voice may be small, I hope some of you realize what you can do to affect people in a positive way. I've seen some people personally that just don't seem to get enough positive encouragement that they think everything they do is terrible. It's really sad, and all it takes to make a difference is a few minutes to sit down and talk with them. Who knows, maybe by just talking to them for a little, maybe they can gain some confidence and you'll end up with a good friend out of the whole experience. Also, people shouldn't be afraid of charity. It's perfectly fine to help someone out that needs it, and if you can't, that's fine too (there's not a law saying you must contribute), but that doesn't mean you need to go to the other end of the spectrum and show complete disrespect to the person who needs help. You owe a little more to the person than that. Probably at one time in your life or another, you may need some form of help, and how would you feel if you couldn't get it? Yeah, I know, so many of you are thinking "that will never happen to me", but quite honestly, it could. Maybe, just maybe, someone will be able to help just out of the kindness of their heart. As a whole, we shouldn't be so self-centered we no longer care about anyone else. So please, help your friends in any way you can, even if it's some small thing, it could make a huge difference for that person. Don't laugh and kick that homeless person on the street, since it could be someone you know, or even you in the future, but instead, give them that empty soda can or even buy them a hot dog. Thanks for listening, and I hope I've at least made one person think here. That's all that matters, and most importantly, kindness can go a long way.

-Doug (5/31/2003)

After some server downtime, I'm back. I apologize, but my host (me) had a major power outage. You may have heard of the giant KC ice storm that started last Wednesday. Anyway, since Wednesday night, I've been without power (and without computers). I'm here now. This should also mark the new launch of my site (it's been in development for a few days now). Have a great time!

-Doug (2/6/2002)

Well, I thought it was about time for some house cleaning. I've totally redesigned the layout, making it easier to navigate as well as more pleasing visually. I hope you like it, and for a link to other pages here, please visit the "Other" page.

-Doug (1/30/2002)

If you haven't noticed, I tend to use the US date format, which goes MM/DD/YYYY. Don't ask me why, I just am used to it. If it really bugs you that much, I'll change it. I also prefer the British preferred spellings of many words, like authorisation (sorry Paul has worn off on me). ;) It's been fun working with an international group, and this proves it. Also unrelated, please do not use the Merriam-Webster dictionary. I have found many problems with it, mainly defining a word by using the word, but overall, it just stinks. Use some other dictionary, like the Oxford English Dictionary instead (plus it's the biggest).
Thanks for tolerating me!

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